Whether you want an engaging product designed for users on the go, an exhilarating desktop experience, a thrilling virtual reality solution, or something that packs a punch and targets your market wherever they are, we maintain the highest standards across platforms and devices.


An explosion in smartphone and tablet use means that for many of us, mobile devices are the primary way of accessing content and playing games. At Capricorn, we provide mobile game and app production that taps into this ever-growing audience. Developing responsive and adaptive products that work across devices, browsers and operating systems, we can cover the full mobile production process, or simply provide help as and when you need it. From native apps to HTML5 games, we create slick, immersive experiences designed for users on the go.



Harnessing the power of today’s fast internet connections, we push the boundaries of what’s expected in the desktop browser by creating entertaining video content, immersive websites and exhilarating games for the PC and Mac user. With HTML5 and WebGL there is no longer any need for Flash to have that quality audio visual experience.



Ready to disrupt the world as we know it, virtual reality (VR) is the future of audio visual learning and entertainment. We can now use the full power of our 3D skills and tool kit to deliver exhilarating VR experiences that simply can’t be created with more traditional platforms. Using popular game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine to create content for a range of industry standard hardware from Samsung Gear to Oculus and HTC Vive, Capricorn can create original virtual reality solutions that separate the best from the rest.



Content is king and if businesses want to reach their widest audience then they need to start thinking ‘Omni-channel’. At Capricorn we create content that can be deployed across both online and land-based channels. From interactive kiosks, retail VLT’s and slot machines to digital billboard displays, we create impactful, entertaining and informative experiences that target your market wherever they are.

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