Mobile game development

Hand held devices are an extension of who we are, giving us the ability to text, chat, read, shop, play and be entertained instantly on the move!

As an experienced mobile game development company, Capricorn Digital understands its customers players are spending most of their gaming time on mobile. Focused on a “mobile first” approach we have spent years of time and resources in developing tried and tested frameworks, tools and methodologies that enable efficiencies and high performance in our mobile game development projects.

Blending the latest mobile technologies like Unity3d and HTML5 with creativity and elegant usability, we build functionally rich, polished and responsive games and apps that add value, uniqueness and quality to our clients offering. But most importantly, help to generate more revenue.

The nature of the mobile landscape with its variety of platform technologies and devices poses unique challenges for mobile game developers. This is no news to Capricorn as we’ve previously overcome most of the challenges in this space and continue to innovate and strive for excellence with each new project.

Pushing the boundaries in mobile game development further, we are able to enhance the players experience through the implementation of quality 3D animation production which results in highly engaging and immersive games.

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