Social Gaming

Social casino gaming has evolved into a billion dollar industry, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. But to capture a lucrative piece of the pie, you need to create unique games for a target audience and deliver compelling features that monetise and retain players.

Whether you need our specialist skills in the creation of video slots and other games for your existing product, or consultancy in assembling a team for the whole shebang, we will help you achieve your goal. In fact, in the world of social casino gaming, you can bet on us to deliver!

Since its inception, our gaming pioneers have been exposured to the Social gaming phenomenon, allowing them to gain experience in all areas of product design and development. This has resulted in an acute understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Beginning with this intelligence, we can help you eliminate the potential risks inherent in this fast growing market.

Daniel, Ryan and their team are good artists and animators with a love for creative design. We enjoyed working with them, and I recommend everyone to take a look at their portfolio, especially their animations.

Kay L. Yoon
CEO at Bagelcode

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